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My family wants to camp out. We typically look for campsites away from crowds of people, so there aren’t usually toilet services nearby. There exists a 40-foot toy-hauler leisure car and contains a good inside potty, however when the camp group is big, it’s nice to know that we can set up a transportable outside potty for day-use. This permits us to camp for a longer time by preventing our black water tank from filling up too rapidly. After purchasing and ultizing the Reliance Items Fold-To-Go Portable Bathroom on a couple of camping trips, I’m prepared to share my opinion of the product. The Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet created things simple in lots of ways, but right after being the designated potty area cleaner-top, I’ve found a few things that can be enhanced upon as well as being a few recommendations for creating using it a lot easier.

The Fold-To-Go is compact and when folded shut, it’s only 5 in . strong meaning that it doesn’t take up much storage space space. It’s additionally a wind to set up. It has 3 legs that extend out and lock in place. It’s quite sturdy and definately will hold approximately 300 lbs. It’s used in combination with Dual Doodie squander hand bags which include a BioGel solution that helps firm up liquid waste. The squander hand bags are placed on the ground with all the top of the handbag open up and covered around the part of the potty beneath the chair. It worked well very well and also the lid locks in any odor. That is certainly, until it’s opened up to use, but you’d suffer from the same smell if you used a campsite toilet facility. No biggie.

The potty stands nearly 15 in . high when prepared to use. The children didn’t have difficulties with this and I’m only 5’2″ high. Even though I might prefer the chair several inches higher, it wasn’t a big problem for me to use it. However, my partner is 5’10” high and he wouldn’t apply it as he was afraid that once he sat down, he wouldn’t get up. We’ve discussed moving some thing to sit the potty onto boost the seat height, but have decided we can live along with it the actual way it is. We don’t want to produce a safety issue by placing the potty on a pedestal, especially for the children.

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The Double Doodie bags had been untidy should you didn’t remain on top of clear-up responsibilities. Since they sit down on the ground, they can easily be punctured by a sharp rock or stick even even though the hand bags are touted as drip-proof. Storing the loaded hand bags until you can be able to a campsite bathroom to dump them was actually a challenge. We had 4 kids and several adults using the Fold-To-Go and i also found i needed to keep an eye on the squander degree in the handbag. We used nearly 2 hand bags per day. I started out utilizing an empty cardboard box with at the very least 4 big trash bags opened up inside the other person to store the filled Double Doodie bags. This didn’t work out very well, so I won’t do that anymore. I visited Home Depot and purchased 3 buckets with covers (2 1/2 gallon). The container suits perfectly beneath the potty seat. I put a Dual Doodie bag within the bucket and safe it beneath the potty chair. When it’s full, I close the bag up, put the lid on the container and set it aside for disposal later. I Then put a brand new bucket with a new waste handbag in it beneath the Fold-To-Go potty. When 2 buckets are complete, I place them in the truck and locate a campsite bathroom center where I can get rid of the items. Untidy storage space problem resolved!

The Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet will not come with a personal privacy protection. We had been fortunate enough to camp out close to a few old horse corrals on our first handful of outings and were able to style a 3-sided protection in a area of the corrals from an older tarp. Since that time, I’ve purchased an outdoor privacy protection for your potty. I highly recommend carrying this out. It’s bad enough not hmskau in a position to flush when utilizing a transportable outdoor potty, so I’m not crazy about the potential of being seen while I’m doing my business.

So, so far as the Fold-To-Go Portable Bathroom goes, I provide a good evaluation. A higher chair height could be great, however the current chair elevation is doable (no pun designed). Should you buy one of those potties and utilize the other suggestions I’ve offered, you’ll find the potty as a welcome accessory for your camp out amenities.

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